Sunday, 31 May 2015
Iron Arm Champions
The weather was cold, the wind was up and spirits high! The Iron Arm Distance Challenge was filled with culture, excitement and international comradery. The stage was set for drama in a town with over 1000 years of tradition and culture. Once a Samurai horse training camp known for fierce warriors, Minamisoma is the battleground for this year’s Iron Arm Challenge.

After two days and six rounds, World Disc Golf Champion Avery Jenkins (USA) becomes THE 2009 IRON ARM DISTANCE CHAMPION! Avery threw a 167 gram chartreuse PRO BOSS 183.08 meters. His throw eclipsed Japanese Champion Manabu Kajiyama who threw 171.99m. Manabu also threw an INNOVA PRO BOSS. Coming in third was long time Japanese Distance Champion Shori Ouchi with 166.77 m and last to step upon the podium was Kao Wei Lun a new distance threat from Taiwan.

Yumiko Tauchi captured the ladies title with a 121.32 m R-PRO BOSS throw. Her disc weighed 150 grams. Yuki Fukuhara and Yukari Komatsu took 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Final Open Results.
Womens Open Results.

The first Iron Arm Distance Challenge was exciting international event. The weather was cold but the hearts warm. Avery Jenkins our Champion had a few words…

Hero Disc has done it again by hosting the Iron Arm World Distance Challenge.
Although there was at times some cold winter weather to deal with, Val and I along with the other Distance competitors that came to the event had an amazing time. It seemed that no detail was over looked as the Hero Staff had planned for everything that it takes to run a quality Distance Competition. From proper marking of the drives in the field to timely posting on the distances, keeping the events schedule on track for the entire contest.

I had a blast the entire time and really enjoyed competing against the Best Distance Throwers in Japan, a few talented up-and-coming throwers and some proven veterans on the game that have held several World Records in the past. I am gracious for the opportunity to travel to Japan whenever possible and get to experience what the country has to offer for Disc Sports.
Thanks again to Hero Disc and Innova for making it all possible.

Avery Jenkins
Innova Champion Star Team

HERO DISC and Innova Champion Discs along with the JPDGA and JFA cooperation plan to host more Iron Arm events. Please stay tuned to this website for additional information.

Who will be the next Iron Arm Distance Champion?